Migration is a chance for our societies to reach their full potential. So how can we create the best conditions for people who arrive in Europe to be innovators, in a position to act and create value? That’s what PLACE wants to find out in practice, by running innovation labs where people have a chance to create products and services in response to their needs, and sharing the results of these labs with a wide public.

PLACE is a new project led by a European collective, that aims to show how migration is a source of innovation for host societies. In practice, we are creating different experiments in European cities to show that newcomers and people from the host civil societies can create amazing products and services in response to challenges- when given a chance to do so.

PLACE will be happening in cities around Europe. The first pilot is due to start in Paris early 2017, and others are taking shape in Berlin, Greece and London. Each PLACE pilot is developed by the PLACE team and local partners. To co-develop a PLACE pilot in your city with us, get in touch.


PLACE will:

√        Create innovation labs where migrants and host civil society will create products and services in response to their challenges
√        Train migrants and host civil society to become catalysts & leaders to help other people to create products and services
√        Enable the emergence of early prototypes of products and services that they need, designed and led by them
√        Produce new narratives and data on migration, identity and the economy
√        Run a highly visible and interactive platform for PLACE innovators across Europe
√        Formalize insights on the parameters of creating enabling environments for migrant-led innovation on a larger scale
√        Coordinate operational teams of partners across countries and sectors who collaborate for migrant-led innovation in practice

Each pilot is developed through local private/public partnerships and carried out in collaboration with local operational partners.

Pilots take different forms in each city. Each have 3 common phases:


A European collective

PLACE is initiated and led by Wow!Labs, an innovation agency specializing in challenge-driven innovation: creating the conditions for users to produce new products and services in difficult contexts.

PLACE is now a European partnership of PLACEmaker organizations across different sectors (private, public, civil society, academic, media)  mobilized to make PLACE a reality in many countries.

Meet the PLACEmakers Partnership:

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