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PLACE is turning the migrant crisis into a source of innovation and economic growth for Europe.

what do we do?

we work with curious newcomers who are motivated to develop innovative solutions, to the problems they define themselves, for Europe

we detect and accelerate newcomer talent that has the potential to lead, for renewed role models

we build creative spaces for people and organizations to collaborate in practice across cultures together

we are transforming the public opinion of newcomers as burdens on society to actors and creators in their home

how do we do it?

innovation labs

migrant-led, immersive and pop-up in nature,
labs set the stage in emblematic spaces for innovation to happen


migrant leaders, trained in
inter-culturality and lab facilitation, they
co-lead labs throughout Europe

new ideas for old problems

Labs are where ideas are born and get tested,
as innovators give shape
to new products and services

who do we do it with?

PLACEmakers: //pleısmeıke(r)z / Noun. Plural. Doers across sectors who are turning
Europe into a place where migrant-led innovation happens naturally.

and who does what?

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Are you a newcomer with an entrepreneurial mindset and a BIG project idea? Do you wonder how can you grow your public and digital presence in Paris? If this speaks to you, apply to join the Catalyst Academy today. A unique leadership program which will train you on public speaking and online brand management and run by PLACE and it’s partners that will equip you with the skills you need to drive your project. Contact Shawgi, PLACE's Talent & Connections Coordinator at for me information. ...

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