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Linear career-paths in a single sector are things of the past. As we prepare for a more dynamic and fast-moving work-life, professionals from all backgrounds need to have skill sets that are applicable across sectors to remain as agile as the world around them. As ominous as this may seem there are solutions.

For example, design-thinking, an inspiration for PLACE’s approach to the capacity-building of newcomers, is a proven and effective methodology. When facilitated with a strong sense of interculturality in an immersive environment, it enables people of all backgrounds to rapidly acquire some of the most highly demanded transversal skills for the decades to come.  

Don’t believe us? To measure design thinking’s effectiveness for skill acquisition, PLACE interviewed a group of 30 newcomers from 21 countries after having attended 5 innovation Labs with PLACE. Here are the results:  



of participants felt they increased their adaptability through the Labs


felt PLACE tools helped them to develop and articulate clearer ideas


learned to better manage their time during labs


now felt comfortable to use innovation tools outside of a lab environment
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