A next-generation acceleration program for newcomers with a strong ambition to penetrate strategic networks and influence the fields of civil society and public leadership in Europe.

A next-generation acceleration program for newcomers to access meaningful employment in the corporate sector and accelerate its evolution.


To unlock the potential of newcomer talent for our societies, PLACE and Ecole des Ponts Business School are teaming up to create the Certificate in Innovation and Technology Management (CITM).A certified program for newcomers to acquire the skills needed for tomorrow – today.

The ambition for this program is double:

1. To create a fast-track pipeline for newcomers to access meaningful work in dynamic sectors – to change from underemployment of newcomers to optimization of newcomer talent. 

2. To create a proximity between selected, forward-thinking corporate actors and newcomer talent, in order to experiment together the changes needed, in practice, for the corporate sector to capitalize better on non-linear talent in the future of work.

The Certificate in Innovation and Technology Management offers a new and dynamic pedagogy in service of new leadership roles. Complete with certification by the Ecole des Ponts Business School, this opportunity includes:

Professional challenges with expert feedback

Production of a professional portfolio relevant to the corporate sector

Next-generation mentoring based on goal-setting and a personal coach

Immersion in strategic events with leaders in the sector

Self-driven learning supported by leading ed-tech platforms

Over a six-month period refugees and migrants are equipped with next-generation skills and an accelerated pathway to meaningful employment through 120 hours of world-class training and professional immersion. Through this program, carefully selected students from migrant and refugee backgrounds are able to build the additional skills required to become value-generating innovation project managers for companies and organizations.

Why is newcomer talent a game-changer?

Because racially and ethnically diverse companies outperform industry norms by 35%

Because inclusive organizations are 1.7 times more likely to be innovation leaders in their market

Because organizations with diverse teams are 158% more likely to better design solutions for diverse groups

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