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Innovator Fellowship FAQ

What are PLACE Labs?

PLACE Labs are a series of fast-paced, intense and fun events which use innovative tools to make your project better, grow faster, and enable you to test it in a safe environment. These Labs last around 20 hours over two days and take place during weekends.
Although the style of the Labs is informal and fluid, the tools are time and people tested and each step of the journey is highly facilitated.

Can I be a PLACE Innovator Fellow even if I am studying or working?

Yes you can, PLACE Innovator fellowship is made to be for everyone regardless of their schedule, but of course you have to commit your time and manage your time to do both in parallel. The majority of PLACE Labs and hotspots will take place during evenings and weekends and the PLACE team is flexible to meet based on your needs. Just make sure you have the headspace to actually develop a project!

Can I bring my children to the Labs?

Absolutely! We try our best to create an atmosphere that boosts you to innovate during Labs so if you need to bring your children along, that’s not a problem. But the condition is to inform us beforehand so we can arrange child care services so that both you and your children can have a great time!

Do I need to be perfect in written and spoken English/French?

No, not perfect. But in order to develop your project, you should be able to communicate with others in English or French. In our Labs, we use hands-on and visual tools that develop your ideation skills through design and prototyping. But we do require you to be able to read and write basic sentences. If you are not confident about this, just let us know and we can try our best to find a match! We can also facilitate access to language courses once you are a PLACE Innovator.

Which languages do I need to know to become a PLACE Innovator?

PLACE operates in English and French. By the way, all PLACE team members are multilingual and are fluent in English, French, Arabic, Hindi, Italian and more 🙂 If you have other questions about languages, do speak to our multilingual and compassionate sourcer Yazen. Rest assured that he will hear you out and help you cross your linguistic barriers!

Can I sign-up if I live in île-de-France but not in Paris?

Yes, you can absolutely be a PLACE Innovator if you live in Ile-de-France. In fact a lot of our Innovators last year lived in Ile-de-France or even further away!
You just have to ensure that you will be able to join us for the PLACE Labs which take place in various spaces across Paris, and go from 9am to 6pm on average- you really need to be there on time and stay until the end.

What type of entrepreneurial support will I receive?

As a PLACE Innovator you will receive 100% personalized entrepreneurial support. Through meetings with the Entrepreneurial Coordinator, you will learn about the opportunities available to you through the PLACE network. You will be matched with these opportunities based on your needs and availability. These opportunities may be incubators, coaches, mentors, language classes, coding courses and more!

Who will be the owner of the project that I develop?

YOU, it is your project, your ideas and your experience! PLACE will provide you the support you need to develop your project but you will have the full ownership of your ideas and project.

Do I need to have an idea of a project?

Not necessarily. If you are already working on your project, you can develop and test it to take it further. If you have an idea of a project but don’t know where to start, the PLACE Labs will be the perfect environment to help it take off. If you do not have an idea of a project, DO NOT WORRY, you can start from scratch and we will support you in your entrepreneurial journey- as long as you have a strong desire to start the adventure and sustain it over time.

What is the cost of the PLACE Innovator fellowship?

The Innovator fellowship is an investment that PLACE and its partners are making on you to support you in your entrepreneurial learning journey. While the PLACE Innovator fellowship is FREE for you, the human resources and capital costs are supported by PLACE and its partners with the belief that this fellowship will empower you to give back to society.

Any other infrequent question?

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