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Where innovation & migration meet

In the 21st century, what is a community without connectivity?

A toolkit for community builders of the 21st century to harness the collective power of virtual communities

Diversity is a disruptor, and your company needs it

Not sure how to ride the wave of the future of work? Bringing more voices to the table can help you find your answer.

16 faces that are inspiring the future of work

How a series of striking portraits and strong visual representation keep policy-makers in line at the OECD

Haneen, creative writer and champion of mental health awareness

Haneen never leaves her creativity or her words behind.

Siba, a creator of safe spaces

One day when Siba was teaching, one of her students asked if she would like to be her mother.

Miora, explorer of learning and longevity

Meet Miora, who brings bold experimentation to designing PLACE’s programs

Learning can happen whenever you want, wherever you want

PLACE Catalysts are accessing a blended-learning model that anticipates the future of work

Sharpen your skills as a coach with PLACE

We are looking for experts from around the globe to coach migrants and refugees in Europe to take on leadership roles on public issues. Does this sound like you?

Leadership models are changing for the better

On Wednesday, March 4th PLACE, The German Marshall Fund of the U.S. and the Canadian Embassy in Paris invite you to discover migration differently at the launch of the Emerging Leaders program.

Zoom in on migrant-led-innovation in 2019

Discover the PLACE Zoom on 2019 – your one stop shop for the data, insights and stories that propelled migrant-led-innovation over the year.

Newcomer talent is game-changing for your organization

Competition getting tight? Uncertainty getting you down? Newcomer talent might be your solution.

3 skills you NEED for the Future of Work

Be prepared for shifting skill sets. 52% of jobs that require these 3 key skills do not yet do so today.

Invest in game-changing talent – invest in newcomers

Margaret Johnston Clarke, Head of Global Diversity & Inclusion for L’Oréal Group shows how forward-facing companies should see talent differently

Innovation can, and should, come from anywhere

Sobi, IT consultant, sustainable agriculture advocate and enabler of migrant-led-innovation

Planting seeds in the private sector

For Sandra, the Country Manager of Ben & Jerry’s, companies have a key role to play in changing the perception of newcomer talent

What happens when new innovators take over old spaces

Question: Where should migrant-led-innovation happen?
Answer: Everywhere. And where you least expect it.

Resilient people, and communities, are built through languages

The British Council is a global actor and PLACEmaker that actively builds resilience and promotes diversity in communities around the world


PLACE and Ecole des Ponts Business School are teaming up to shape new talents together

Through the eyes of Sousana & Nabil

Two Syrian entrepreneurs who are demonstrating their inherent capacity to pivot, adapt and thrive in uncertain times.

Through the eyes of Farid

Farid navigates his daily to-do all the while keeping his mind on the end goal: to accelerate the economic autonomy of refugees in France.

Through the eyes of Benyamin

Benyamin, an entrepreneur and amateur philosopher from Iran is harnessing the potential of avid movie-goers to enable new directors, and new stories, to emerge.

Learning from newcomers in the time of COVID-19

Discover how PLACE is adapting as an organization and learning from the resilience, creativity and adaptability of newcomer leaders in the time of COVID-19.

How to create and consume a new migrant narrative

Deconstruct the migrant narrative to build a new one – brick by brick, word by word.

NaTakallam, bridging distributed workforces and displaced populations

Distributed workforces, increasingly intercultural teams and growing rates of displaced populations – these are the three trends that gave birth to NaTakallam.

Accelerating Emerging Leadership

New voices. New Solutions. New Leaders. On Wednesday, March 4th we celebrated the launch of Emerging Leaders with The German Marshall Fund of the United States at the Canadian Embassy in Paris.

Executive Breakfast on Investing and Recruiting Newcomer Talent

Newcomer Talent. How do you find it? How do you foster it? How does it help you grow?

Getting swept away by Catalyst stories

Changing the migrant narrative one story at a time