Stories of place

Where innovation & migration meet

16 faces that are inspiring the future of work

How a series of striking portraits and strong visual representation keep policy-makers in line at the OECD

The Future (of Work) is Female

The Paula Principle states most women work below their level of competence. This is particularly true for newcomer women.

Ahlam, the first female yemeni street-artist

With growth comes change, and with change comes an ever evolving canvas

Somalia, PLACE mentor and fashion guru

How an enthusiastic fashion designer explores her potential as a mentor through PLACE

Shawgi, a spark for insight & connections

Hailing from Khartoum, Shawgi brings his zest for real human connections to animating the diverse PLACE Community.

3 skills you NEED for the Future of Work

Be prepared for shifting skill sets. 52% of jobs that require these 3 key skills do not yet do so today.

Owning my spot in the digital world: Making my impact

The Catalysts are creating influence and impact across borders and platforms

Rising and Shining as a Leader

Embodying strong stories through dance, the final step for the PLACE Catalysts of My Image, My Story

From script to stage with My Image, My Story

Inspirational and unexpected TEDx presentations will be taking shape in Paris on Saturday October 26th

“We are changing our way of thinking”

How Vanessa challenged what the media was telling her of migration by becoming a PLACE mentor

“Learning is all over the place”

Karam, active learner and lover of all things tech makes the world his classroom.

Need stronger territories? Invest in inclusive leadership

Learn how global infrastructure firm Meridiam makes strong communities through inclusive leadership with PLACE

Why did someone from Unilever become a PLACE mentor?

With Ben & Jerry’s in their international brand portfolio, Unilever staff have the opportunity to connect with newcomer talent through the Ice Academy with PLACE.

Through the eyes of Farid

12 missed calls. 24 messages on WhatsApp. 31 unread emails. And it’s only 9:30 am. A year ago, this hectic schedule...

Through the eyes of Benyamin

Benyamin, an entrepreneur and amateur philosopher from Iran is harnessing the potential of avid movie-goers to enable new directors, and new stories, to emerge.

Through the eyes of Sabria

Sabria, a 28-year old former midwife from Kabul rides the Paris heat-wave with grace and purpose

The 14 women in tech taking the lead in Paris

Techfugees is reskilling midwives, engineers, accountants, art directors through tech.

From script to stage, Catalyst stories are taking shape

Get whisked away as the Catalysts share their stories live for the first time

Celebrating the PLACE community on a Summer’s Eve

Celebrating a community whose shared sense of resilience, trust and abundance grow with every beat of the drum.

PLACE Prototyping Lab in Amazing Belleville

With a post-it and an open mind, the possibilities are endless. Become immersed in the PLACE prototyping Lab.